Only the Strongest will survive during this rough and hard world of Moomoo IO, new IO-building game! within the role of a brave hero with Hammer, you explore the map and collect various resources like wood, stone and food. you would like raw materials to climb and to create useful things like walls, traps, weapons and most significantly - build your own village with many windmills. The goal of this game is to urge to the highest of the leaderboard by amassing the foremost Gold generated by windmills. However, you'll also kill other players and steal their Gold. Strength, Level, and knowledge of all players be measured in Moomooio in years. to succeed in subsequent year of life together with your character you would like to make a particular number of resources; by ascending to a better Level your character gets better weapons and different Power-Ups. You can kill other players who are younger than you or an equivalent age.