it had been about building your home and defending it against an endless. In Zombs.io, this is often basically still true. Except this point you're not fighting for survival against Zombies. Instead, you fight friends and other players who are also armed as yourself. additionally, you not spend time building fortifications and bases on the playing field. Instead, you frolic panicking and collect all the weapons and coins you'll find. Because how else does one want to shoot your opponents over and over again? If that wasn't enough pressure to form you tense and nervous, there's more! the world during which you fight gets smaller and smaller during the sport. The fringes shrinks with every second, in order that you've got less and fewer space to cover. Once you allow the safe indoor area, your health will deteriorate rapidly. you've got to maneuver further and further within the middle and face all the opposite players while they struggle to try to to you. you'll need to be fast. devour any weapon you'll find and use it to shoot at your opponents game.